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Master Of Ceremony

In my opinion, the Indonesians are ceremonial people. They love to make many ceremonial just for an event..


Another doodling time. Trying to make a cute ghost like Casper, his name is Poci (a cute little pocong). Then a ronda-man and A Screw-King. Anyway...


Just another doodling with no reason

Doodle-02 (Hate of TV)

I was so frustrated with our Indonesian's TV programs.. I hope one day I will have my own TV STATION!!


That is Sausage Dog, I drew it for Aura Kasih when she had a new pet. Also my early development for my new character : PigBig! (I will upload it later)

Home By The Sea

I drawn this when I heard Genesis's song


Kick Of The Mud

This comic is made for tsunami event held by Goethe Institute