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She is supposed to be a singer

I created her for an advertising pitch. Suddenly, they changed the concept so she is used no more



My Other Notes

It seems I got bored listening to the seminar

Let's Learn Advertising

My notes when I worked at an advertising company and attended a seminar

Thanks to McCann Erikson

My New Heroes

My New Character

Can you give him a name?

Don't Cry Mak Tuo

A condolence for Padang

Hot Minister

I am so glad when visiting a resto they use HVS paper as a tablecloth, I can make a doodle in the back for the paper!!

This was a doodling from a tablecloth in Spaghetti House di Pondok Indah Mall


Rolling Stone A'!

Re-designed a Rolling Stone's magazine, just an experimental art

Actual photo : Mr. Achmad Albar


Batik King

Trying to make a doodling with BATIK style hehe..

Celebrating 2 Oct : UNSECO announce that "batik tulis" is one of world culture heritage