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In front of office

Nothing special about this painting, just killing time in my office's garden with water color. Trees and vegetations are nice object to be drawn. They have a long range of one color : green


Lovely Park

An evening at Botanic Garden Singapore

Singapore is a country with only one city and a capital city with the same name: Singapore. This small country is located in an island in the middle of Malaysia and Indonesia. Since they have a small space to live, they have to manage their country spaces for everything including trees and vegetations. Singapore Botanical Garden made by colonial government to collect variety species of trees. Singaporean is spending a huge amount of money just for this collection. 

What about Indonesia? Never mind.. change topic!

Sawah Besar

Under the bridge

My friend was looking for an old bicycle, Sawah Besar is a sidewalk flee market. If you want to hunt something outrageous just come and test your best luck here. Prepare for unexpected things and price

Boat Quay

Famous Canal in Singapore

For most Jakartans, Singapore maybe is "so last year" country to visit. I visited here because of Foo Fighters. They canceled the concert so I use my time only for going no where in this small city. Sitting on the Boat Quay is fine, just drawing and water coloring

Pasar Cipete

At the front side

I am not quiet sure about the name, because this place - Pasar Cipete, is located quiet far from the area named Cipete. I sketched this place just because I love the ambiance as an traditional market. Actually not so traditional but this public market almost gone because of mall

Those tends are food street vendor, cheap prices with not so cheap taste if you luck to find a good one


ATM Small Bilboard

Waiting my mom for the ATM, I just waited in the car and killing my time with draw the scene

Gate A16

Prepare for boarding