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Jogja, Beauty Of Aesthetics And Culture

An old building in the street of Jogja

In early April I went to Jogja for an music event called VOTE (Voice from The East). As always I walked around near by my hotel to enjoy local surroundings. One of the most attract my attention is an old building near by Tugu Jogja. I am not quiet sure about its history background but I can recognize from its architect style: art deco.

Jogja has a lot of art deco combined with Javanese culture style. This must be one of fav world tourism attractions in Indonesia. Most local government doesn't feel that way. They just love fast money, no wonder that mostly of sight seeing in Jogja also distract with mural advertising that make tourism disturb as visual chaotic. Brand and promotion campaign looks like had a powerful bargain to pick their best spot to campaign their products in the city without any concern on visual aesthetics.


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